Delta Airlines allows everyone to pick their desired seats irrespective of destination. The airline's seat selection Delta Airlines seat selection policy, so connecting with customer service is a must before going through the seat selection process.

How do you select a seat on Delta Airlines Flights?

Are you one of those who loves to examine blue glooms during your breakout journey? Count on the Delta seat selection program, which allows you to choose the best and most appropriate seat according to your requirements. The seat selection service helps you find luxury, eventually enhancing your onboard experiences. You can select the best available seat through the website, mobile, counter, center, kiosk, or by contacting the customer department. Learn about them in brief.


Seat selection through online channels is the easiest way to get the best seats. You need to visit the Delta website or use the mobile app to complete the user authentication process using login credentials. Once you are on the homepage, follow the prompts discussed here:

  • Click on the “Manage My Trip” tab.
  • Enter the reservation code and family name in the respective field.
  • Retrieve your booking from the available options.
  • Select the journey for which you are looking to add a preferred seat.
  • You will need to check Delta's seat map to get informed about the availability of seats.
  • Select the seat based on your budget, preference, and availability.
  • Pay attention to the Delta Airlines seat selection cost per your booking class before initiating the payment.
  • Make the required payments, and you will be ready to expand your wings under the beautiful court of thrill.


Passengers who need in-person assistance always prefer to book seats through offline channels. It allows them to correct their anxiety under the supervision of travel experts. You do not need to make any effort, as the airline's dedicated team will assist you in reserving the best view.

  • Connect with the team and share your booking details.
  • The team uses the shared information to search for the desired trip.
  • Next, they will check the seat map and search all available options.
  • Select your preferred seat and make the required payment to confirm your response.
  • You will get seat information via mail or can access a physical pass if a seat request is made at the airport counter.

Passengers can choose their preferred seating option while booking their initial tickets or during check-in. Always reserve seats during the booking process to save more and have more opportunities to seize the best view.

Why is seat selection a must for long-haul flights?

The seat selection service of Delta Airlines allows you to choose your favorite spot on the plane and also lets you be seated with your favorite people. To have the soundest experience onboard, you must reach the designated team in advance. Especially for long-haul flights, you must consider this seat selection service as it will provide you with plenty of options to upgrade your overall experience on the flight.

What seating options are available at Delta Airlines?

The airline values passenger comfort above all. They offer their passengers a range of seating options from windows to aisles. You are free to choose the best one for your requirements and budget. Take a glance at all seating options available on Delta Airlines flights:

Business Class seats

The airline promotes luxurious business-class seats on most long-haul international and selected domestic flights. The premium cabin has numerous benefits besides spacious seats; you can access priority boarding counters, Delta Sky Club, complimentary meals and beverages, spacious seats, and many other facilities.

First-class seats

These seats are available for passengers who want luxury. First-class seats get you a flatbed and extra legroom on some selected flights. You will enjoy your time here thanks to the comfy seats, ambiance, and exceptional hospitality throughout the entire journey. With these premium cabin seats, you also have the option to board the flight with priority, enjoy complimentary drinks, experience premium lounges, and more.

Delta Premium Select seats

On selected long-haul international flights, you also find Delta Premium Select seats, which advance your comfort but do not charge high on your pocket. Passengers will enjoy their stay here with extra legroom and other complimentary services.

Delta Comfort+ seats

Passengers who want premium seating options at much more affordable pricing than business class go with Delta Comfort+ seats. On some selected flights, they also enjoy more legroom, beverages, waiting room access, and more.

Main Cabin seats

The airline primarily offers seats in the Main Cabin with adequate legroom for domestic flights. These seats are affordable without making significant compromises on comfort. You do not have luxurious service and amenities, but you can save money on your long journey.

Basic Economy seats

Passengers with Basic Economy tickets enjoy standard legroom and access to the overhead bin. It is one of the most affordable seating options available with Delta Airlines. Still, it comes with some compromises, such as not being allowed to select seats and not standing for upgrades.

Preferred Seats

Delta Airlines offers preferred seat options on selected flights to cater to passengers who are willing to pay a small fee to get their desired seats. Depending on the flight route and fare type, passengers can select their preferred seats for a small or no cost.

Does Delta Airlines charge for seat selection?

Yes. You will need to pay for your comfort. The airline allows free upgrades and complimentary seating options for passengers with premium tickets. On the other hand, passengers holding non-refundable tickets will need to pay for the seat selection. The charges vary depending on booking class, seating type, request time, mode of booking, flight routes, availability, and more. You will need to pay Delta seat selection fees based on your selection. Generally, the seat selection charges start from USD 15 plus taxes per seat and may go to USD 50 or more, depending on the circumstances in which you choose the seat. To get detailed information, connect with the team as earliest as possible. They will help you find the best deals regarding your requested seat.

What are the best seating options on a budget?

Passengers who are on a tight budget but looking for a comfortable journey must try to book

Exit Row SeatsBulkhead Window And Aisle SeatsMain Cabin Window And Aisle Seats

These seats have advantages, allowing you to experience comfort without draining your budget while respecting your frugal mindset. Select the best one that fits your budget and comfort.

  • For elders, selecting aisle seats is the best option as they can move freely.
  • For picturesque views, go with window seats and sing along with the humming companions.


The seat selection facility by Delta Airlines allows you to get the best out of available seating options. You have the opportunity to choose as per your comfort; however, some fare categories do not stand for seat selection and upgrades. For accurate information, you must be in touch with officials as the airline makes many changes in their seat selection provision.