Traveling with Delta treats you to a great experience. Do you want to further up your trip delight? Go for Delta Airlines Seat Upgrade that offers you various benefits and an enhanced flight trip.

If the airline finds you eligible for an upgrade, the option to upgrade shows up in your Trip Summary. From the perks of First Class to complimentary upgrades, the airline provides multiple options to upgrade your seat. With its dedication to redefining luxury among the clouds, the airline offers you its premium cabins: Delta One and First Class.

Now, explore the account below about getting upgrades on this airline’s flights, learn its guidelines, fees to pay, how to get free upgrades, and more. Get to know important information before you hop on your next Delta flight for a luxurious trip!

Can I Get a Delta Seat Upgrade?

Yes, you can easily get a seat upgrade with Delta. You can upgrade anytime after booking until 90 minutes before departure or during the check-in.

Passengers can upgrade from -

  • Main Cabin to Delta One®, Delta Premium Select, First Class or Delta Comfort+®, or
  • Comfort+ to Delta One®, Delta Premium Select, or First Class

Please note

Basic Economy tickets are not allowed for upgrades.

Who is Eligible for a Delta Airlines Seat Upgrade?

Medallion Members and one travel companion are eligible for Unlimited Complimentary Delta flight Upgrades to First Class and Delta Comfort+. It is available on all routes where the products are available.

Additionally, on their departure day, they can get Complimentary Upgrades to Delta One® on all U.S. 50 flights as well as to Hawaii.

To know more, scroll down -

  • Delta Comfort+- On domestic and select international flights
  • First Class - In North America and nearby destinations like the Caribbean and Central America
  • Delta One - Available on long-haul international flights and certain cross-country domestic flights
  • Upgrades are available at different intervals based on Medallion Status.

What is the Delta Complimentary Upgrade Policy?

Delta Airlines offers complimentary upgrades to its Medallion Members as their loyalty reward. The policy highlights are:

  • There are 4 tiers in the Delta Medallion Program - Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Your chances of securing a complimentary upgrade depend on how high your status is.
  • Reserve Card Members are given priority for First Class and Delta Comfort+. Thereafter, SkyMiles Members get unlimited Complimentary Upgrades with the Delta One upgrade on their departure day. However, SkyMiles Members must have a Delta SkyMiles Platinum or Platinum Business Card to avail of the benefits.
  • With your Medallion Membership, select Seat Preferences for Delta Comfort+ Complimentary Upgrades while flying alone on select flights.
  • Complimentary Upgrades for Platinum Card Members may clear beginning 24 hours (1 day) before departure, after all Medallion Members and Reserve Card Members, and are subject to upgrade availability.
  • Platinum Card Members get upgrades on the same products and routes as Medallion Complimentary Upgrades.
  • Delta Premium Select or Delta One® flights don't allow Complimentary Upgrades. These flights operate outside of the U.S. 50.
  • Only select international flights have Delta Premium Select.
  • Medallion Members qualify for Complimentary Upgrades on flights operated by Aeromexico (as Delta and Aeromexico are partners).

Please note

You can choose or change your Seat Preferences after completing the check-in process for an upcoming flight.

How to Get a Delta First-Class Upgrade?

To get an upgrade to Delta First Class, select if you want to purchase it or use miles. Here, take a look at both ways -

Purchase an Upgrade

Pay the amount to enjoy the luxury of First Class during any of the following -

  • At Booking: When booking through the airline’s website or app, select the First Class option and pay for it. This is usually the most cost-effective way to upgrade.
  • After Reservation: Go to the  “My Trips” section on the airline’s website or app and upgrade your seat from Economy or Comfort+.
  • During Check-In: Grab a discounted rate upgrade on seat availability while checking in.
  • At the Gate: Occasionally, Delta offers last-minute upgrade opportunities at the gate, usually at a reduced price compared to the initial booking.

Using Miles for Upgrades

Delta SkyMiles members can get upgrades on Delta-operated flights with their miles. Simply visit My Trips on the airline’s website, the Fly Delta App, or call 1-800-800-1504.

Here are the options -

  • Upgrade with Miles: Use your miles to pay for an upgrade, during the booking.
  • SkyMiles Upgrade Certificates: Medallion Status holders can upgrade to First Class, Delta One, or Delta Premium Select with their upgrade certificates.

What are Delta First-Class Upgrades Fees?

The Delta first-class seat upgrade fees vary as per various factors such as the flight route and the time left for the departure.

  • At Booking: From $50 to several hundred dollars (as per the flight duration and route).
  • Post-Booking: More expensive but might offer good value.
  • Last-Minute Upgrades: Expensive, but you can find deals for vacant seats.

Please note

  • Check both cash and miles options for the best value.
  • For details, connect with the airline’s customer service team.

How to Get Free Upgrades on Delta First Class?

Many passengers dream of grabbing free upgrades. Medallion Members and one travel companion get complimentary First Class and Delta Comfort+ upgrades. On Delta-operated domestic flights, your Medallion benefits offer Delta One delight.

To enhance your chances for the same -

  • Fly frequently with Delta and its SkyTeam partners to accumulate Medallion Qualification Miles (MQMs) and Medallion Qualification Segments (MQSs).
  • Use a Delta Co-Branded Credit Card that offers MQM bonuses.

In Conclusion

Therefore, with a Delta Airlines Seat Upgrade, manifold your travel delight. Enhance comfort and luxury to up your flying experience with the airline. Secure an upgrade with miles, purchase it, or get a complimentary one. The airline covers its  Medallion Members with smart approaches.

So plan well and increase your chances of upgrades. Leverage credit card benefits, have flexible travel plans, and achieve Medallion Status to enjoy First Class upgrade perks.

When are you grabbing your Delta seat upgrade?

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