Set off for a great trip with your favorite furry friend. Thanks to the Delta Airlines pet policy that is designed in the best interest of travelers and their pets. The airline understands that flying with pets needs special considerations. That’s why it gives enough convenience and a pet-friendly approach.

By doing so, your pawed and winged friends can travel comfortably and safely. It is important to understand the airline’s policies and rules for a streamlined travel experience with your pets. This guide covers the airline’s pet travel details such as requirements, fees, pet carrier onboard policies, and the Delta Pet Cargo program.

What is Delta Airlines Pet Policy?

Go through the overview of Delta Air Lines pet policy below and learn the rules to follow for a smooth trip with your furry friends.

Delta Carry-On Pet Policy

Small dogs, cats, and household birds can travel with you in the cabin on most domestic and select international flights. Here are carry-on pet guidelines for a safe and comfortable journey for your pawed or winged friend -

  • Your pet must be at least -
    • 8 weeks old for domestic travel
    • 16 weeks old for international trips
    • 15 weeks old while flying to a European Union
  • 1 pet is permitted per kennel with some exceptions.
  • Pets in kennels are counted as 1 carry-on item. Additionally, you can have 1 personal item on board.

Service and Emotional Support Animals

Service animals are permitted to travel in the cabin with their disabled passenger without charge. Passengers should provide at least 48 hours notice to the airline.

What are Delta Airlines Pet Carrier Requirements?

When traveling with your pet, it is important to select the right carrier. For the safety and comfort of pets, Delta Air Lines' has specific pet carrier requirements that are -


  • Your pet’s kennel must fit underneath the seat directly in front of you.
  • The maximum dimensions are 18” x 11” x 11” (45 cm x 28 cm x 28 cm).

Secure and Comfortable

  • The soft-sided kennel must be leak-proof and have ventilation openings on 3 sides for domestic travel and 4 sides for international travel.
  • Your pet must remain inside the kennel with the door secured in a boarding area, during boarding and deplaning, while in a Delta Sky Club and on board the aircraft.
  • The kennels must be spacious enough for your pet to move around without touching or sticking out from the sides.

Please note

The carry-on kennel dimensions vary as per the aircraft dimensions of your flight, as the under-seat space is different in aircraft.

How Can I Book My Pet with Delta Airlines?

To take along your pet in a carrier on board, you must book pets in advance. For pets in the cabin, the airline has a first-come, first-serve policy. However, total number of pets allowed on each flight is limited.

Contact Delta’s Reservations at the earliest possible for booking and be prepared to pay a fee according to the destination. Also, while booking, your pet’s kennel dimensions handy while calling.

What is the Delta Carry-on Pet Fee?

While flying with a pet on Delta, pay the fees at check-in. Here, take a look -

To/From DestinationsChecked Pet Fee (each way)
U.S./Canada/Puerto Rico/U.S. Virgin Islands

$125 USD/CAD (ticket purchased before 28th February 2022)

$95 USD/CAD (ticket purchased on or after 28th February 2022)

Brazil$75 USD


Does Delta Have a Pet Cargo Program?

Yes, Delta offers you a pet cargo program to ship your pets safely. The program is for bigger pets or those that can’t fly in the cabin.

However, certain requirements must be fulfilled. For your reference, the major points of its guidelines are mentioned below -

Pets Allowed

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Birds
  • Reptiles
  • Amphibians


  • Contact the Cargo team directly to book.
  • Provide detailed information about your pet, including species, breed, weight, and any special handling requirements.


A health certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian is required for traveling internationally within 10 days of the travel.

Special Handling and Care

  • Delta Cargo has temperature-controlled holding areas and vehicles to protect pets from extreme weather conditions during transit.
  • Trained staff to handle pets with care throughout the journey.
  • Pets are monitored regularly and any signs of distress or discomfort are promptly addressed.

In Conclusion

Therefore, follow the Delta Airlines pet policy for a hassle-free air trip with your furry friends. Proper preparation, attention to detail, and adherence to the guidelines make the journey enjoyable for both you and your pet.

As the airline offers a comprehensive pet travel policy designed to ensure the safety and comfort of your pets, whether they are traveling in the cabin or as cargo. By understanding the pet carrier requirements, in-cabin policies, and the Delta Pet Cargo option, you can be sure of a smooth travel experience for your pets.

So, what are you waiting for? Make a booking for your pet with the airline and have a memorable trip.

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